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Glou Glou - Bar à faim, Borgerhout

Bijgewerkt op: 22 okt. 2021

Glou Glou is het jonge, informele zusje van Bistrot Miró.


Project: RO system for a restaurant kitchen (espresso machine, sparkling water machine, combi steam oven, ice cube machine, two dishwashers.


Client`s challenge


Key problems

• City water has an imbalanced mineral composition, contains chlorine and other impurities, that distort the delicate gradations of taste in food and drinks.

• Coffee, tea, and dough are especially sensitive to chlorine and minerals in the water.

• Protection from lime-scale. Professional kitchen equipment has a longer life when the water hardness is low.

• Sparkling or still water in single-use plastic bottles should be substituted with filtered and re-mineralized water served in reusable glass bottles.

• Clean water consumption varies between 300-500 liters a day.



Large volumes of high-quality water for a restaurant can be provided by a reverse osmosis system with a remineralization module.

The AP.RO-M Black Edition systems are compact commercial reverse osmosis units that allow consistent production of high-quality water with low energy consumption and reduced operational cost.

  • Gross 20” PP

  • Gross 20” B520-12

  • APRO-M-300G-D Black

  • Viking Midi B150Plus


Project data

  • Capacity: 300 LPH

  • Process: RO

  • RO recovery: 75%

  • Salt rejection: 99,5%


  • Controlled RO process

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low energy consumption

  • Reduced operational cost

  • Compact design

  • Quiet operation

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