Album, Antwerp



Album is a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Antwerp that opened doors in October 2020. The place offers seasonal food and drinks. Homemade sourdough bread, breakfast dishes, elegant lunch, specialty coffee, natural wines and many more.

The core idea of Album is to bring pleasure of every bite and sip. The purpose of the owners Joris and Toon is to highlight the natural taste of products, whether it is a savoury soup, homemade bread or specialty coffee.

Project: RO system for a restaurant kitchen (espresso machine, sparkling water machine, combi steam oven, bread oven, ice cube machine, two dishwashers, two taps with filtered water for bakery and kitchen).

Client`s challenge

A search was made for the best water composition depending on the use.

Clean and soft water with balanced mineralization plays an important role in revealing the true taste of ingredients. The aroma and taste extraction depend on the chemical composition of water.

Water with chlorine will kill the sourdough starter, which contains a culture of yeast and bacteria. A high concentration of calcium ions has a negative impact on coffee flavour and taste.

Water supply has to be under tight control to provide smooth kitchen processes. To a certain extent, it guarantees the desired taste of a dish.